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The members of North Highland OWL group are united in their passion for outdoor learning. We hope that by supporting our young people to get outside more we shall instill a love for nature that will continue for years and generations to come.

This group was set up in January 2019 and we hold regular meetings in different locations across north Highland.  These consist of a short business meeting followed by a skill share session run by enthusiastic members.

For more infomration on NHOWL please visit our Facebook page.

Title Publish Date
Meeting Agenda July 2020 Download
Meeting & Minutes December 2021 Download
Minutes 26/08/22 August 2022 Download
Minutes 26/06/2022 June 2022 Download
Minutes 28/04/2022 April 2022 Download
Minutes 2022 AGM March 2022 Download
Minutes 05/08/2021 August 2021 Download
Minutes 22/07/2021 July 2021 Download
2021 AGM Minutes March 2021 Download
2020 AGM Minutes Jan 2020 Download
Minutes 02/07/2020 July 2020 Download
Minutes 04/06/2020 June 2020 Download
Minutes 02/03/2020 March 2020 Download
2019 Meeting Minutes 2019 Download
Minutes of meeting 29.11.2022 Download
2023 AGM Agenda Download
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