Welcome to Midlothian OWL Group

‚ÄčThe group is an informal mix of people with an interest in outdoor learning, including rangers, teachers, Forest School leaders, organisations, charities and individuals.

Our aim is to increase opportunities for outdoor learning across Midlothian, through sharing good practice, delivering activities, having workshops and working together to utilise our areas of expertise wisely.

For more information please visit the Midlothian OWL Facebook page.

The Midlothian OWL groups main objectives are shown below:

  1. First-hand learning experience: encouraging people to make use of the outdoors and discover, connect and explore nature.
  2. Learning for sustainability: Increase learning opportunities about the natural world and how it links to social and economic factors locally, nationally and globally.
  3. Knowledge, skills and understanding of outdoor environments: increasing opportunities for outdoor learning by use of a range of outdoor environments
  4. Health and wellbeing: to increase understanding of the positive impacts outdoor learning has on health and wellbeing.
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Meeting & Minutes May 2020 Download
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Meeting & Minutes July 2020 Download
Comittee meeting minutes 5.2.24 16.2.24 Download
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